The Journey Continues

This week has been a series of panic attacks. I have been really struggling and spent all day yesterday in my pyjamas refusing to to face reality or behave like an adult. I had my first appointment with a new psychologist on Friday. She was lovely but the stress of going over my history and diagnosis is profound. Anyway I have picked three poems to share and I hope they might be a blessing to you. Listening to them read back to me by me, is strangely moving. I know how much heartache and desperate searching and deep gut wrenching pain is behind these simple earnest words. I hope they will be a blessing to someone.

One thought on “The Journey Continues

  1. Hi, Cheryl.
    This sounds trite, but it actually works.
    When you feel a panic attack coming on, immediately take note of your breathing. Because what actually happens in one of these situations – without you being aware of it – is that your breathing quickens and becomes much more shallow. This results in a rapid, pounding heartrate and a spiral of fear > pounding heart > more fear > more pounding until you’re in a full-blown panic. So, when you first become aware of an attack coming on start breathing deeply and slowly and you’ll be surprised at how fast the discomfort subsides.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck!

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