It’s Time To Try

We are moved and settled at our new rental home at Beachmere. It’s beautiful and I feel very blessed.

I really want to make the most of this new start. Isaac has moved out ready to make his new life with Shaylin. They get married in December. Rodney and I are now officially empty nesters. I’m missing Isaac but it is nice to have the house all to ourselves, (well not really, we have Judah Isaac’s cattle dog and he is a personality not to be ignored. I am so so glad we have him, I think i would be very lonely without him.) This afternoon we took him for his first beach walk, he wasn’t particularly impressed.

The first walk.

So I have decided to be brave and once again try to lose weight. This is a stressful and emotionally charged issue, I think this is probably the case for a lot of us who battle with our weight. I am going to blog about it because it is very much connected to my mental health and maybe sharing will help and encourage someone else. I have had prayers and tears and deep conversations with serval people including my doctor and psychologist. I have started using the Noom App and I have an appointment with a dietitian on Saturday.

I’m not really sure of my goals yet but stay posted.

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