A poem for today – 3/7/2021

God opens wide
The closed door.
He answers prayer
And gives us more.
Though we may fall
And fail and faint,
God’s ever there,
He’ll patiently wait.
When days have passed
And we collapse, 
When all our plans 
Have lost their grasp,
When at our end
We kneel and pray,
God gently welcomes
The words we say.
He understands
Beneath our sobs,
The way life hurts,
How pain robs,
And he, with healing
In His wings,
Soothes aching hearts
With love He brings
So travellers all,
Though you will stumble,
And prayers are naught
But a tearful mumble,
God is gentle,
Faithful and true.
Bring all your brokenness,
He’ll welcome you. 

By Cas Reeves 3/7/2021

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