Day 22: Imp!

Cas Reeves 1999
In the corner she sits,
Squatting on her haunches.
Waiting impatiently.
The moment I can bear her
She’s on her feet and dancing.
Screaming in my ear.
“I’m here,
I’m here,
You can’t ignore me!
I’m part of you,
Now write!
Do It!
Do It!
Feed Me,
Fill Me!
You’re growing old,
Write and write!
Please do it!
I’m here,
I’m here.
I’m your passion to write,
You can’t ignore me.”
Little Imp,
If I could catch you
I’d swat you like a fly
This morning.
Get back in your corner.
Ah, I love and hate
My creative self.
Before I understood anything about schizoaffective or dissociative identity disorder or bipolar. Before I really acknowledged that I probably had a mental illness. Before it all, there was Imp! That manic, intense, driving force with its own life and personality so different from the rest of me, capable of doing so much creatively with no consideration to my health, sanity or the practicalities of reality.

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