Day 21: Voices

Cas Reeves 2019
Let me out! Let me out!
Did the little voices shout.
Let me go! Let me go!
Yes, they pushed and struggled so.
Set me free! Set me free!
How they longed, they longed to flee.
Not more pills! Not more pills!
Medication building hills.
So we sleep! So we sleep!
The little voices weep.
They are silent in the womb
Of a brain that’s like a tomb.
Daily drugged to pacify,
Though never does it rectify.
The little voices sadly lie,
And I,
Their sepulchre,
Quietly cry.
Medication doesn’t heal. When I first started lithium, there was a certain relief, a heavy calm. For a few weeks, I just sat in the inner silence and wondered if this was bliss, but it was false comfort. Yes, I still hear voices, yes medications goes a long way to blocking that, but they are still there, just gagged and straight-jacketed. I cling to my faith, it is a life line to hope and comfort on the bad days.

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