Day 19: Take Me To Narnia

Take Me To Narnia
Cas Reeves 2013
Take me to Narnia Lord.
I can’t find the way.
Aslan hear my prayers.
You are not a tame lion
But you are good.
I believe in what I cannot see.
My faith in the Bible
It is strong in me.
I trust in you God: Holy, Holy.
But I am here; time goes slowly.
My lives in Narnia
Seem like dreams I can’t forget.
I am Lucy, I believe!
Call me!
I will come Aslan!
Lord, my lamp is lit.
I wait in Lantern Waste.
When I was a little girl my mother read me all of the Narnia books. What a wonderful gift. Even in the darkest times of my mental illness that intricate allegory has made sense. I have gone back and read these books over and over. They have given me hope and perspective. This poem was written in the months before hospital.  

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