Day 18: Darkside

Cas Reeves 2004
You've got a dark side, 
And it's always there
And you're walking the line 
Between Heaven and Hell.
You're running, and you're hiding
And you're living in the dark.
So close to God
Yet warped in my soul.
Laying exposed in the dark
Mind is going crazy
And the brain is doing twirls.
Loving God and flying to his arms,
Rescue me, oh rescue me from myself.
Cannot walk and cannot talk
And cannot see the light.
So alone,
Hoping and I'm dreaming,
And I'm empty, and I'm full.
I've got a dark side
And it's beautiful and broken
But it frightens even me.
When you have a mental illness, especially one that splits your personality, you find that you are most frightened of yourself. I have DID (dissociative identity disorder) as well as Schizoaffective. I hope in the rest of this challenge to try to bring awareness of what it’s like to live with the condition that used to be called multiple personality disorder. This is very hard to share and I ask for patience and understanding.

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