Day 16: Abe

I love this poem. So good to share a beautiful moment from my time in mental ward.

Cas Reeves 2015
Abe had holes
In the soles
Of his thin khaki socks,
At the toes and the heel
And it seemed sad to me.
He asked questions,
Wrote notes,
On small scraps of paper
These he treasured and took
To carefully write in his book.
Recording his facts
Made sense to me
In that place you see
There’s no clear reality.
Perhaps he’s training to be a spy?
A young man with a mission?
After all, who am I?
One night without sleep
With me in bare feet
I found Abe playing the Beatles.
He young to my old
But my favourite I told
Abe played Lucy In The Sky for me.
Then this young man
With holy socks
And broken mind
Like mine
He played and sang to me
‘When I’m 64’
And we danced,
On our mental health ward
Dance floor
And a queen
Couldn’t have asked for more.

This really happened, no delusion or hallucination. It is one of the few positive memories I have of my times in mental wards. It was a brief interlude I will never forget. Even in the midst of everything God can give us unexpected moments of bliss that still shine bright in my memory seven years later.

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