Day 10: The Tangled Jungle

The Tangled Jungle
Cas Reeves 2004
The tangled jungle of my mind
Is filled with tingling thoughts,
Some of God, some of man,
Of love, of peace, of war.
The Devil’s there, and off he goes,
A dancing to his tune.
And God I see off distantly
Like the milky blue/white moon.
I hope, I worship, my heart aglow,
Uncertain, yet so sure.
No love of man can be so strong
As the lust to live for which we long.
God stands; he doesn’t always call.
Sin is our choice is we choose to fall.
God is, but so the serpent crawls.
We choose, our hand isn’t forced
I worship God, my all-sufficiency,
But it is a choice
I can only choose
For me.
Part of combining my faith with my mental illness is the challenge of accepting that no matter how vivid my experience of God is, I can’t give that certainty to anyone else. The question is, are my interactions with God still valid despite my diagnosis? And if they are, how can I share them in a way that shows the world how exquisitely lovely my Saviour is?

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