Day 6: I Offer Up My Dirt

I Offer Up My Dirt
Cas Reeves 2014
God makes me cry;
For joy, for pain, for sorrow.
He lifts me up.
He tears me down.
He ploughs my heart
And weeds my soul.
He digs into my spirit;
The deepest roots to find.
He drags me through;
Turns my soil,
Makes me bleed.
My tears could water gardens,
But I wait.
I hold them back.
I take the cross
He gives to me
And wear it like a crown.
I hang it around my neck.
I seek a better land.
I offer up my dirt!
God makes me cry.
I beg for more,
Make me the promised land!
To say that I offer up my dirt doesn’t mean I give God my mess, although I do. For me, my dirt encompasses the most basic fertile part of my creative being, it’s where everything that can grow, does. Despite my illness, and sometimes because of it, I crawl my way closer to God and offer him more and more of myself in the hope that he will grow something amazing in my dirt.  

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