Day 3: Lowering Lithium

 Lowering Lithium
Cas Reeves 2020
Should we lift the heavy blanket,
The weight of lithium that holds?
Would I float away?
Become unhinged?
To feel lighter should be a pleasant thing,
But fear rises quickly;
The unknown rears its head
And I long to crawl down
Under the sand
At the bottom of the sea.
Hide me, hold me, hinge me tight!
Don’t let the currents sweep me away.
I am a small creature
Not strong enough to fight
A changing tide.
It is only because of the lowering of my lithium that I am able to even contemplate this poetry challenge. I have been anchored deep under the thick foggy weight of lithium for the last six years or so since I was diagnosed schizoaffective in 2014. So I rise a little to the surface, take a gulp of creative air and here we are riding the current of possibility, thank you Lord.

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