Day 2: Broken Flowers

Broken Flowers
Cas Reeves 2003
I offered God my bunch of broken dreams:
A large bouquet of flowers,
Bruised and wrinkled,
Wilting and forlorn.
I said, they have no use
No real beauty,
But I want you to have them
I love you Lord
I know I can trust you,
Perhaps you’ll see beauty
Even in my fading hopes.
God took them gently with a smile
And one by one
Laid them out and trimmed the ends.
“I’m taking cuttings child
I thought I’d plant a garden
Every dream will make a lovely plant.
Give me time.
This bunch of broken dreams are not dead,
In my hands your hopes
Are living flowers with a future
And a fragrance sweet and all their own.”
This first step in healing for me is to offer all my brokenness to God and have him so lovingly respond. Over and over I have to come back to this place.

One thought on “Day 2: Broken Flowers

  1. I love your writings Cheryl. I had a dad with bipolar and my husband had paranoid can’t spell and your writing is helping me to see what mental illness is like as they never put their thoughts down thank you again xx

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